Wednesday, September 30, 2009

1a 2ae q4 a1: Whether delight is required for happiness? Yes.

Delectatio requiritur ad beatitudinem quia delectatio causatur ex hoc quod appetitus requiescit in bono adepto.

Delight is necessary for happiness because it is caused by the appetite being at rest in the good attained.

Unde, cum beatitudo nihil aliud sit quam adeptio summi boni, non potest esse beatitudo sine delectatione concomitante.

Wherefore, since happiness is nothing else but the attainment of the Sovereign Good, it cannot be without concomitant delight.

Ex ipsa visione Dei causatur delectatio. Unde ille qui Deum videt, delectatione indigere non potest.

The very sight of God causes delight. Consequently, he who sees God cannot need delight.

Augustinus dicit, X Confess., quod "beatitudo est gaudium de veritate."

Augustine says (Confess. x, 23) that happiness is "joy in truth."