Saturday, May 08, 2010

1a 2ae q29 a3: Whether hatred is stronger than love? No.

Amor est fortior odio quia impossibile est effectum sua causa esse fortiorem; omne autem odium procedit ex aliquo amore sicut ex causa.

Love is stronger than hatred because it is impossible for an effect to be stronger than its cause; but every hatred arises from some love as its cause.

Sed oportet ulterius quod amor, simpliciter loquendo, sit odio fortior. Fortius enim movetur aliquid in finem, quam in ea quae sunt ad finem. Recessus autem a malo ordinatur ad consecutionem boni, sicut ad finem. Unde, simpliciter loquendo, fortior est motus animae in bonum quam in malum.

And furthermore, love must needs be, absolutely speaking, stronger than hatred. Because a thing is moved to the end more strongly than to the means. Now turning away from evil is directed as a means to the gaining of good. Wherefore, absolutely speaking, the soul's movement in respect of good is stronger than its movement in respect of evil.

Bonum est fortius quam malum, quia malum non agit nisi virtute boni, ut Dionysius dicit, cap. IV de Div. Nom.

Good is stronger than evil, because "evil does nothing except in virtue of good," as Dionysius says (Div. Nom. iv).