Sunday, May 02, 2010

1a 2ae q28 a3: Whether ecstasy is an effect of love? Yes.

In amore amicitiae, affectus alicuius simpliciter exit extra se, quia vult amico bonum, et operatur, quasi gerens curam et providentiam ipsius, propter ipsum amicum.

In the love of friendship, a man's affection goes out from itself simply, because he wishes and does good to his friend, by caring and providing for him, for his sake.

Extasim pati aliquis dicitur, cum extra se ponitur.

Someone is said to suffer ecstasy when he is placed outside himself.

Secundum appetitivam vero partem dicitur aliquis extasim pati, quando appetitus alicuius in alterum fertur, exiens quodammodo extra seipsum.

As to the appetitive power, a man is said to suffer ecstasy, when that power is borne towards something else, so that it goes forth out from itself, as it were.