Friday, July 30, 2010

1a 2ae q45 a1: Whether daring is contrary to fear? Yes.

Audacia est timori contraria quia illud quod maxime distat a timore, est audacia: timor enim refugit nocumentum futurum, propter eius victoriam super ipsum timentem; sed audacia aggreditur periculum imminens, propter victoriam sui supra ipsum periculum.

Daring is contrary to fear because that which is farthest removed from fear, is daring: since fear turns away from the future hurt, on account of its victory over him that fears it; whereas daring turns on threatened danger because of its own victory over that same danger.

Uni secundum idem, non sunt plura contraria; sed secundum diversa, nihil prohibet uni plura contrariari. Et sic dictum est supra quod passiones irascibilis habent duplicem contrarietatem, unam secundum oppositionem boni et mali, et sic timor contrariatur spei; aliam secundum oppositionem accessus et recessus, et sic timori contrariatur audacia, spei vero desperatio.

To one thing, in the same respect, there are not several contraries; but in different respects nothing prevents one thing having several contraries. Accordingly it has been said above (q23 a2; q40 a4) that the irascible passions admit of a twofold contrariety: one, according to the opposition of good and evil, and thus fear is contrary to hope; the other, according to the opposition of approach and withdrawal, and thus daring is contrary to fear, and despair contrary to hope.

De ratione contrariorum est quod maxime a se distent, ut dicitur in X Metaphys.

It is of the formal aspect of contraries to be "farthest removed from one another," as stated in Metaph. x, 4.