Thursday, July 29, 2010

1a 2ae q44 a4: Whether fear hinders action? No.

Timor non impedit bonam operationem quia ex parte instrumentorum corporalium, timor, quantum est de se, semper natus est impedire exteriorem operationem, sed ex parte animae, si sit timor moderatus, non multum rationem perturbans, confert ad bene operandum, inquantum causat quandam sollicitudinem, et facit hominem attentius consiliari et operari.

Fear does not hinder a good action because on the part of the bodily instruments, fear, considered in itself, is always apt to hinder exterior action, but on the part of the soul, if the fear be moderate, without much disturbance of the reason, it conduces to working well, insofar as it causes a certain solicitude, and makes a man take counsel and work with greater attention.

Apostolus dicit, ad Philipp. II, "cum metu et tremore vestram salutem operamini", quod non diceret, si timor bonam operationem impediret.

The Apostle says (Philippians 2:12): "With fear and trembling work out your salvation": and he would not say this if fear were a hindrance to a good work.