Monday, July 12, 2010

1a 2ae q40 a8: Whether hope is a help and not a hindrance to action? Yes.

Spes per se habet quod adiuvet operationem, intendendo ipsam. Et hoc ex duobus.

Hope of its very nature is a help to action by making it more intense: and this for two reasons.

Primo quidem, ex ratione sui obiecti, quod est bonum arduum possibile. Existimatio enim ardui excitat attentionem; existimatio vero possibilis non retardat conatum. Unde sequitur quod homo intente operetur propter spem.

First, from the formal aspect of its object, which is a difficult but possible good. For the thought of its being difficult arouses our attention; while the thought that it is possible is no drag on our effort. Hence it follows that on account of hope, man is intent on his action.

Secundo vero, ex ratione sui effectus. Spes enim, ut supra dictum est, causat delectationem, quae adiuvat operationem, ut supra dictum est. Unde spes operationem adiuvat.

Secondly, from the formal aspect of its effect. Because hope, as stated above (q32 a3), causes pleasure, which is a help to action, as stated above (q33 a4). Therefore hope is conducive to action.