Thursday, January 28, 2010

1a 2ae q13 a3: Whether choice is only of the means? Yes.

Voluntas est finis, electio autem eorum quae sunt ad finem, quia finis, inquantum est huiusmodi, non cadit sub electione.

Volition is of the end, but choice of the means, because the end, as such, is not a matter of choice.

Ultimus finis est unus tantum. Unde ubicumque occurrunt plures fines, inter eos potest esse electio, secundum quod ordinantur ad ulteriorem finem.

There is but one last end. Accordingly wherever there are several ends, they can be the subject of choice, in so far as they are ordained to a further end.

Fines proprii virtutum ordinantur ad beatitudinem sicut ad ultimum finem. Et hoc modo potest esse eorum electio.

The proper ends of virtues are ordained to Happiness as to their last end. And thus it is that they can be a matter of choice.

Electio consequitur sententiam vel iudicium, quod est sicut conclusio syllogismi operativi. Unde illud cadit sub electione, quod se habet ut conclusio in syllogismo operabilium. Finis autem in operabilibus se habet ut principium, et non ut conclusio.

Choice results from the decision or judgment which is, as it were, the conclusion of a practical syllogism. Hence that which is the conclusion of a practical syllogism, is the matter of choice. Now in practical things the end stands in the position of a principle, not of a conclusion.

Sicut in operatione medici, sanitas se habet ut finis; unde hoc non cadit sub electione medici, sed hoc supponit tanquam principium.

Thus in the work of a physician health is the end; wherefore it is not a matter of choice for a physician, but a matter of principle.

Sed sanitas corporis ordinatur ad bonum animae, unde apud eum qui habet curam de animae salute, potest sub electione cadere esse sanum vel esse infirmum; nam apostolus dicit, II ad Cor. XII, "cum enim infirmor, tunc potens sum". Sed ultimus finis nullo modo sub electione cadit.

Now the health of the body is ordained to the good of the soul, consequently with one who has charge of the soul's health, health or sickness may be a matter of choice; for the Apostle says (2 Corinthians 12:10): "For when I am weak, then am I powerful." But the last end is nowise a matter of choice.