Friday, August 13, 2010

1a 2ae q47 a2: Whether the sole formal aspect of anger is slight or contempt? Yes.

Omnes causae irae reducuntur ad parvipensionem quia ex quacumque alia causa aliquis iniuriam patiatur quam ex contemptu, illa causa minuit rationem iniuriae; sed solus contemptus, vel parvipensio, rationem irae auget: et ideo est per se causa irascendi.

All the causes of anger are reduced to slight because any other cause, besides contempt, through which a man suffers an injury, takes away from the formal aspect of injury; contempt or slight alone adds to the formal aspect of anger: and consequently is of itself the cause of anger.

Philosophus dicit, in II Rhetoric., quod ira est appetitus cum tristitia punitionis, propter apparentem parvipensionem non convenienter factam.

The Philosopher says (Rhet. ii, 2) that anger is "a desire, with sadness, for vengeance, on account of a seeming slight done unbecomingly".

Licet animal brutum non appetat honorem sub ratione honoris, appetit tamen naturaliter quandam excellentiam, et irascitur contra ea quae illi excellentiae derogant.

Although a dumb animal does not seek honor in its formal aspect, yet it naturally seeks a certain superiority, and is angry with anything derogatory thereto.