Sunday, April 11, 2010

1a 2ae q24 a1: Whether moral good and evil can be found in the passions of the soul? Yes.

Passiones, secundum quod sunt voluntariae, possunt dici bonae vel malae moraliter quia si considerentur secundum quod subiacent imperio rationis et voluntatis, sic est in eis bonum et malum morale.

The passions, insofar as they are voluntary, may be called morally good or evil because if they be considered as subject to the command of the formal aspect and of the will, then moral good and evil are in them.

Dicuntur autem voluntariae vel ex eo quod a voluntate imperantur, vel ex eo quod a voluntate non prohibentur.

And they are said to be voluntary, either from being commanded by the will, or from not being checked by the will.

Istae passiones secundum se consideratae, sunt communes hominibus et aliis animalibus; sed secundum quod a ratione imperantur, sunt propriae hominum.

These passions, considered in themselves, are common to man and other animals; but, as commanded by the formal aspect, they are proper to man.

Augustinus dicit, in XIV de Civ. Dei, de passionibus animae loquens "mala sunt ista, si malus est amor; bona, si bonus."

Augustine says (De Civ. Dei xiv, 7) while speaking of the passions of the soul: "They are evil if our love is evil; good if our love is good."