Sunday, October 04, 2009

1a 2ae q4 a5: Whether the body is necessary for man's happiness? No.

Sine corpore potest anima esse beata quia desiderium animae separatae totaliter quiescit ex parte appetibilis, quia scilicet habet id quod suo appetitui sufficit.

Without the body, the soul can be happy, because the desire of the separated soul is entirely at rest, as regards the thing desired; since, to wit, it has that which suffices its appetite.

Sed non totaliter requiescit ex parte appetentis, quia illud bonum non possidet secundum omnem modum quo possidere vellet. Et ideo, corpore resumpto, beatitudo crescit non intensive, sed extensive.

But it is not wholly at rest, as regards the desirer, since it does not possess that good in every way that it would wish to possess it. Consequently, after the body has been resumed, Happiness increases not in intensity, but in extent.