Tuesday, December 28, 2010

1a 2ae q56 a1: Whether the subject of virtue is a power of the soul? Yes.

Virtus est in potentia animae quia perfectio est in eo cuius est perfectio.

Virtue is in a power of the soul because perfection is in that which it perfects.

Omnis operatio est ab anima per aliquam potentiam.

All operation proceeds from the soul through a power.

Disponit ad optimum: optimum autem est finis, qui vel est operatio rei, vel aliquid consecutum per operationem a potentia egredientem.

Virtue disposes to that which is best: for the best is the end, which is either a thing's operation, or something acquired by an operation proceeding from the thing's power.

Unde virtus humana est in potentia animae sicut in subiecto.

Therefore a power of the soul is the subject of virtue.