Friday, April 10, 2009

Q87 A4: Whether the intellect understands the act of the will?

Yes. The act of the will is understood by the intellect because whatever is intelligibly in an intelligent subject, is understood by that subject: both inasmuch as one knows that one wills; and inasmuch as one knows the nature of this act, and consequently, the nature of its principle which is the habit or power.

Actus voluntatis intelligitur ab intellectu quia quod intelligibiliter est in aliquo intelligente, consequens est ut ab eo intelligatur: et inquantum aliquis percipit se velle; et inquantum aliquis cognoscit naturam huius actus, et per consequens naturam eius principii, quod est habitus vel potentia.

Augustine says (De Trin. x, 11), "I understand that I will."

Augustinus dicit, X de Trin., "intelligo me velle."