Saturday, March 25, 2006

Q12 A2: Whether the essence of God is seen by the created intellect through an image?

No. The essence of God cannot be seen by any created similitude because by the likeness of a body the essence of an incorporeal thing cannot be known.

The divine essence is uncircumscribed, and contains in itself super-eminently whatever can be signified or understood by the created intellect. Now this cannot in any way be represented by any created likeness. Hence to say that God is seen by some similitude, is to say that the divine essence is not seen at all; which is false.

Therefore it must be said that to see the essence of God, there is required some similitude in the visual faculty, namely, the light of glory strengthening the intellect to see God, which is spoken of in the Ps. 35:10, "In Thy light we shall see light." The essence of God, however, cannot be seen by any created similitude representing the divine essence itself as it really is.