Monday, August 03, 2009

Q112 A3: Whether all the angels who are sent, assist?

No. Only the superior angels belonging to the highest hierarchy are said to assist, whose special prerogative it is to be enlightened immediately by God, because not all the angels can perceive the secrets of the Divine mysteries in the clearness itself of the Divine Essence, but only the superior angels who announce them to the inferior.

Soli superiores, qui sunt primae hierarchiae, assistere dicuntur, cuius proprium dicit esse Dionysius immediate a Deo illuminari, quia non omnes Angeli secreta divinorum mysteriorum in ipsa claritate divinae essentiae percipere possunt, sed soli superiores, per quos inferioribus denuntiantur.

All the angels gaze upon the Divine Essence immediately, in regard to which all, even those who minister, are said to assist. Hence Gregory says (Moral. ii) that "those who are sent on the external ministry of our salvation can always assist and see the face of the Father."

Omnes Angeli divinam essentiam immediate vident, et quantum ad hoc, omnes etiam qui ministrant, assistere dicuntur. Unde Gregorius dicit in II Moral., quod "semper assistere, aut videre faciem patris possunt, qui ad ministerium exterius mittuntur pro nostra salute."

All the assistants see some things immediately in the glory of the Divine Essence; and so it may be said that it is the prerogative of the whole of the highest hierarchy to be immediately enlightened by God; while the higher ones among them see more than is seen by the inferior; some of whom enlighten others: as also among those who assist the king, one knows more of the king's secrets than another.

Omnes assistentes aliqua immediate vident in claritate divinae essentiae; et ideo totius primae hierarchiae proprium esse dicitur immediate illuminari a Deo. Sed superiores eorum plura percipiunt quam inferiores, de quibus illuminant alios, sicut etiam inter eos qui assistunt regi, plura scit de secretis regis unus quam alius.